Boise, Idaho In the TOP TEN Hottest Markets Again.

Boise Is On Fire!

If you have heard that the real estate market is cooling down, know this, Boise is still one of the hottest markets in the nation. Everybody is wondering what 2019 has in store for real estate in the Treasure Valley. Will frustrated home buyers be able to finally become home owners? Will sellers find profit margins shrinking? Will financial institutions begin to fail.

Well the answer is no. Not all markets are slamming into reverse. In fact Boise’s Treasure Valley will find itself in the nations top ten real estate markets in 2019. Analysts are predicting a 1.5% sales growth and a 6.9% price growth rate. Much of the Treasure Valley’s boom in the housing market is due to the out-of-staters swooping into the state. With California’s median priced home being $536,000, while the median priced home in Idaho is $326,000, it is easy for a Californian to move to the Treasure Valley and buy a home cash.

The Treasure Valley is finally big enough to have the cultural aspects and the amenities that most larger cities have. The difference is that we do not have the sky-high home prices. This will continue to be a catalysis for growth in our community. New residents from millennials to retirees have led the new construction surge and they are snapping up brand new homes in the $250,000 to $350,000 price range. The sprawling suburbs are benefiting from this influx of new home owners. Boise’s Treasure Valley will continue to be home owners haven.


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