Boise Rounds Out The Top Five Hottest Real Estate Markets

Boise State just release its list of the hottest markets in the US, and Boise rounds out the number five spot. Boise with its temperate climate, very strong labor market, and proximity to other metropolitan areas like Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City, make Boise a prime spot for homeowners. Boise ranked in the sixth spot for May. But with the median age of inventory being only 33 days, the demand for housing being so hot, and prices continuing to increase Boise climbs one spot to number 5 in the nation.

The list was surprising with no cities in California taking any of the top five spots. This is the first time in six years that California is not in the top five hottest markets.

The top ten rankings are:
1 Midland, Texas
2 Columbus, Ohio
3 Boston, Mass.
4 Fort Wayne, Indiana
6 San Francisco/Oakland, California
7 Vallejo/Fairfield, California
8 Buffalo, New York
9 Colorado Springs, Colo.
10 Detroit/Dearborn, Mich. compiled it’s list from June Data looking at search trends, supply, demand, and prices. The sweet spot is when there is limited supply, strong demand and prices are rising. Days on market is a key indicator to the heath of a market. Looking at the top 20 spots the DOM (days on market) averaged only 34 days nationwide.

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